"Finishing a marathon is a state of mind which states anything is possible" 
In this fast-paced world, where in we somehow manage time for leisure and recreation. But, we often tend to neglect our health which should be our ultimate priority in life. As students we are taught the famous adage "Health is wealth". But at times, we forget to implement it in our busy lives. 
Keeping this in mind, few students of Amity Pune took initiative to promote health and fitness in our lives through their flagship college event "The Amity Run" or "Amibolt" 
The first edition of the event held in 2018 witnessed the participation of about 500 runners. Being the maiden chapter of Amibolt, students had the task of conquering all the odds with utmost enthusiasm and zeal .
After the great admiration and response to Amibolt 2018, students are ready to continue the legacy of the marathon 2019 "Forget the Minds, remember the glory" Amibolt has never been about just running, it is about living your own race.

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